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Why 80% Of Food We Are Eating Is Killing Us

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Many of us are digging our own graves with our teeth without us knowing, due to the type of food we consume on daily basis. Every day these foods are slowly killing us. Contrary to our assumptions, the government, and other big corporations are not helping us watch over what most of these grocery stores are selling to us as food.

Today, most of the items sold in these stores are no longer safe for human consumption, as about 80% of the average human diet is extremely unhealthy. We no longer engage in clean eating habits because most of our most cherished foods are entirely loaded with things that can damage our health.

Many comprising ingredients of our foods especially those that make them taste sumptuous like sugar, salt, and fat can be highly destructive in large amounts. In addition, powerful chemicals are used to preserve most processed foods. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of the fact that these processed foods can tremendously leave us overweight, terribly sick, and bring us much closer to our graves when we consume them as a steady diet.

Remarkably, most of us have already become unhealthy eaters. These days, we prefer to eat far too much starch, cheese, red meat and sugar than eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Now, we consume larger amounts of calories than we ever did in the past.

Our clean eating habits are poor because we are culturally over wedded to a food model of quantity over quality, as we are extremely deferential to the interest of big corporations. Although great efforts must have been made on the intake of yogurt and chicken, as well as sugar and beef, yet it may not be universally healthy to take on wildly popular processed items like noodles, pasta, fried foods, confectionary and pizza. These foods do reflect our skillful ability to create a diet by trying out new foods that are greatly multicultural which are almost all bastardized versions of their original incarnations.

Even though most of us have made considerable healthy efforts in lowering our consumption of beef and soda, and eating more chicken, our level of fruit and vegetable consumption is still significantly low.

Due to the disgraceful nature of our food system, a significant percentage of our population is not spared by the number one killer, diabetes and heart disease. Honestly, something has to change because the way we are eating is killing us.

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