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This is a pili nut. 

It is a tree nut, although technically a seed.

Tastes like a macadamia but even more buttery.

And has the lowest carb of any nut!


Pili nuts have some really amazing health benefits, and it is further enhanced because we activate them which means they are still raw and contain all their nutrients.

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pili nuts nutrition, health benefits
Pili health benefits

 Pili trees grow wild 

 on volcanic soil in

 Bicol, Philippines 

 Did you know pili trees 

 require typhoons to 

 shake them up so they 

 can bear more fruit? 

Extracting this Filipino nut requires precision that only human hands can deliver. The Bicolanos call this age-old process 'pagtilad' which is cracking the tough shell using a bolo or a pili nut cracker- accurate, rhythmic and graceful. 

Pili nuts grow in the Bicol region of the Philippines. This filipino nut is buttery and can be made in many pili nut products. Traditionally they are made into caramelized pili nuts, but today you can find pili nut butters too.

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