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How Eating More Can Help Us and Preserve Our Ecosystem

Did you know that what you eat could greatly impact our world and planet Earth? You probably don’t realize that the vegetables you consume most likely were sprayed synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that made them grower bigger, but also caused pollution of waterways. Or that the burger you’re enjoying is actually linked to climate change, pollution and land degradation, thus resulting in the loss of biodiversity? It’s important that we have a more varied diet not only to sustain our own health, but also ensure the health of our planet. We’re facing a nutritional crisis that’s impacting our world because of the lack of sustainability in producing healthy food. All foods should be organic,

Expert Advice: How eating clean can change your life

Pooja Vig, functional medicine nutritionist for 13 years, helps people to optimise their health by discovering and fixing their nutritional imbalances. She shares with us how clean eating can improve our wellbeing and more importantly, how to get started. GTCL: Pooja, what does clean eating mean to you? Pooja: Clean eating to me means a number of things - on one level it is eating foods that are as close to their natural state - foods that are minimally processed. It also means finding foods that are “clean” of chemicals and pesticides such as grass-fed organic meats or organic vegetables. The next level of eating clean is to avoid foods that you know don’t suit you such as food sensitivitie



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