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What You Should Know About How Nuts Are Processed

Nuts are one of the healthiest food group ever known to man. Besides being a source of protein and healthy fats, nuts are rich in fiber and taste great. However, not all nuts are created equal, while some contain a high amount of nutrients others do not. Nutrition experts often recommend nuts for healthy living, but lately, there's been a shift of attention from the benefits of nuts to how nuts are being processed. Almond Salmonella Crisis According to a 2007 report, the products of an almond grower in California lead to an outbreak of Salmonella in Canada. Almond growers in the US were then instructed to treat their almonds by either exposing them to heat or fumigating them with propylene o

A tale of sickness, health, pili nuts and honey

Terry Tong and I met over tea one afternoon and what transpired was a few hours that were both educational and enjoyable. Having contacted me in December, it was not until mid January when we got a chance to talk. By then I was already intrigued by his company GTCL. This was because GTCL’s website was beautiful (probably influenced by his years as a brand consultant) and also because I had never heard of a pili nut or honey from stingless bees. Read more here



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