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10 Easy Foods To Eat Everyday To Maintain A Healthy Life

Pili nuts provide those who wish to fight stress and live healthy with a healthy alternative to the usual snack foods. But did you know that there are 10 more easy foods to eat each day that will also help you stay healthy? Read on to learn more. 1. BEANS Beans are recommended as a helpful source of iron and regular consumption of beans allows oxygen to travel much more freely from the lungs to all of the other important areas of the body. Beans are also plant based, which enables faster iron absorption. 2. EGGS Not only are eggs rich in protein, but they also promote an increased feeling of satiety after a meal, which keeps us from reaching for the unhealthy snacks. They are also chock full

Why 80% Of Food We Are Eating Is Killing Us

Many of us are digging our own graves with our teeth without us knowing, due to the type of food we consume on daily basis. Every day these foods are slowly killing us. Contrary to our assumptions, the government, and other big corporations are not helping us watch over what most of these grocery stores are selling to us as food. Today, most of the items sold in these stores are no long safe for human consumption, as about 80% of the average human diet is extremely unhealthy. We no longer engage in clean eating habits because most of our most cherished foods are entirely loaded with things that can damage our health. Many comprising ingredients of our foods especially those that make them ta



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