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At the foot of majestic volcanoes in the lush rainforests of the Philippines, Pili trees have been growing for centuries. These pili trees produce one of the most nutritious nuts in the world. Today Pili Pushers brings you this superfood – buttery Filipino pili nuts, with our purpose-intended flavours. 

We work with a community of independent farmers who climb these ancient trees to pluck the ripe pili fruits in the Philippines. Skilled artisans then with great precision, crack each hard shell to extract the pili nut. We honour its heritage and natural goodness by laboriously activating them, to improve their digestibility and boost their nutritional bioavailability.  
Our mission is to bring wholesome produce made delicious to as many as possible, because we believe untainted food is nature’s health supplement. From source to end product, we strive to ensure that everyone along the value-chain benefits from our efforts. 

pili pushers pili nuts activated stress-fighting superfood organic
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